Following the Government's announcement this week that they are beginning to lift restrictions on live music we are now taking bookings from July 2021 onwards and keen to fill our diaries with lots of missed gigs! It has been a year since we have been able to get out and play live! 

We'd be happy to quote for your garden parties / summer festivals etc, so please get in touch.

We look forward to working with pubs and music venues that have supported us previously, plus hope to get in to some new music venues soon too. We are happy to work with pubs as they re-open by offering a reduced, fair fee, so please get in touch for a quote! 

Thank you. 


Wishing everyone the best. Kit, Adam, Paul and Adrian. 

We play a mixture of public and private gigs throughout the year. All new dates below:


The Haze Band - Private Party (40th Birthday) - Rochford Hotel

Rochford Hotel